The English Language was designed to confuse, especially the newly “minted” British subjects called slaves. Rather than just spelling a word the way it is pronounced, they added more twists and turns than the intestines of a snake.

“I” before “e”….except after “c”. Add an “s” to most words to make the singular plural .Boy =boys, girl = girls, so “man” should be “mans”. NO NO NO. One “man” is singular, two or more becomes “men”. “Goat” singular, “goats” plural. “Sheep” is one therefore “sheeps” should be two or more. NO NO NO another special rule again… wonder lawyers had to be “invented”.

So, we smart Jamaicans made our own rules, leading to our “Independence”. The Jamaican plural of most words is just add “dem” to the singular. Hence, “the man dem” , or “the sheep dem” …. no more stupid rules to remember. We are not “dunce” . Many Jamaicans get to child-bearing age before they master the English language and become candidates for “Night School”. Here is what happens in a typical night school classroom.

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