Thank You – to all the members of the STATHS seventies group for their support in the purchase of one dozen (12) laptop computers, for the students of St. Andrew Technical High School. These laptops were purchased in June and with the assistance of Michael Minto, shipped to STATHS via Fedex. They arrived in Kingston on June 24, 2020 and after several unsuccessful attempts, Dr. Hibbert engaged the services of a customs broker and they were finally cleared on July 15, 2020. Dr. Hibbert sends his sincere thanks and appreciation for your very generous donation that will benefit another generation of students.


Alladin Campbell Michael A Williams Alrick Wright

Michael Cooper Anthony Salmon Michael Dewar Barry (?)

Michael Grossett Cavell Scott Michael Minto

Cedric George Olive George Melbourne Newell

Chester Evans Paul Ashman Courtney Richards

Peter Chambers Humphrey Chung Raymond Crosdale

Leroy Brown Raymond Vassel Linda Lawrence

Vernon Clarke

Again, we say THANK YOU to our STATHS seventies grads for your very generous support that made this venture a rousing success.


Cedric George, Melbourne Newell, Anthony “Mano” Salmon

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