The passenger side of the new STATHS school bus boasts that it was proudly donated by STATHS Alumni Association NE Chapter, Inc USA on March 30th, 2023 . Also in the picture is former STATHS NE president Melanie Forrest-George, (Class of ’82)……(not being donated).

Fundraising for the bus spanned three administrations of STATHE NE leadership. It began during the tenure of Archie Roberts, (Class of ’65), continued under Melanie Forrest-George, and was finalized under present president Horace Campbell, (Class of “66) .

“It was with great HONOUR and much DILIGENCE that STATHS NE did a lot of fundraising so that we could be of SERVICE to our beloved Alma mater, St. Andrew Technical High School, our STATHS forever “…….Melanie Forrest-George in her own words .

President Horace Campbell and past president Melanie Forrest-George posing with the new bus. A testimonial of what can be accomplished when we dream BIG . CONGRATULATIONS STATHS NE .

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