There will be fewer Christmas gifts this year. Some folks may already have noticed this. Mrs. Claus informed a few people in her inner circle that Mr. Claus, “Santa”, took the late decision to delay or totally cancel his usual trip, as many of his elves came down with the covid-19 virus . He is even concerned for his own safety. (A grammar-correction program is prompting me to capitalize the “C” in that five letter word preceding -19, but I sure as hell won’t. That’s how much I hate that bastardly word ). So, he is going to put most … Continue reading HAPPY/MERRY (?) –JUST CHRISTMAS


The English Language was designed to confuse, especially the newly “minted” British subjects called slaves. Rather than just spelling a word the way it is pronounced, they added more twists and turns than the intestines of a snake. “I” before “e”….except after “c”. Add an “s” to most words to make the singular plural .Boy =boys, girl = girls, so “man” should be “mans”. NO NO NO. One “man” is singular, two or more becomes “men”. “Goat” singular, “goats” plural. “Sheep” is one therefore “sheeps” should be two or more. NO NO NO another special rule again…..no wonder lawyers had … Continue reading LEARNING ENGLISH


Thank You – to all the members of the STATHS seventies group for their support in the purchase of one dozen (12) laptop computers, for the students of St. Andrew Technical High School. These laptops were purchased in June and with the assistance of Michael Minto, shipped to STATHS via Fedex. They arrived in Kingston on June 24, 2020 and after several unsuccessful attempts, Dr. Hibbert engaged the services of a customs broker and they were finally cleared on July 15, 2020. Dr. Hibbert sends his sincere thanks and appreciation for your very generous donation that will benefit another generation … Continue reading LAPTOPS DONATED BY SEVENTIES GROUP


JOAN PEPE GASTON posted this on her Facebook page today. I just saw it and remembered that I was not given any bun and cheese today. After threatening to expose someone’s shortcomings…I was rewarded “bigly”. I borrowed that word from a certain world leader. I hope, you, dear reader, got your reward earlier. In case anyone is wondering who is Joan Pepe Gaston ? Here is a little piece of STATHS trivia. She is a second generation STATHS graduate. Her dad, the late Roy Thomas, was my classmate from the class of ’65. Also from that class is former school … Continue reading I ALMOST FORGOT


You can not look at these and not salivate. My mouth is reacting to what my eyes are seeing…….and remembering the taste of SUGAR BUNS . The last time I ate anything like this in Jamaica was in 1983. Yet, there is this sensation coming from under my tongue….so, soo ohhh!!! St. Andrew Technical High School and its Trade Training Center now have a reorganized baking division that not only teaches students to bake , but now bakes in commercial quantities and quality, to satisfy the needs of its cafeteria . All the baked products that used to be purchased … Continue reading BAKERY IN ACTION


The Atlanta Banquet was especially graced with another VIP other than the Principal. One of STATHS’ pioneer teachers from 1961, was in attendance. We are speaking of no other than The Honorable Lady Mavis Carey . And NO. She did not come on a stretcher, neither in a wheelchair. In fact, she was escorted by an obviously YOUNGER man. Before nimble tongues go a wagging, she is not a COUGAR. That young man is her son – Mr. “Pablo” Carey. Continue reading ANOTHER SPECIAL GUEST IN ATLANTA


So much happened during that most eventful year. Among other things….our US and Canadian based Alumni had at least three banquets, several fish-fries, picnics in parks, ocean cruises and even river-boat cruises. Some pictures appeared in social media…others got swept under the rug of time . So…..let’s bring back a few memories for some, and open another chapter of “Revelations” for others. Continue reading “LEFTOVERS” FROM 2019


PAINFUL PAINFUL ENDING……2019 FOOTBALL SEASON . CONGRATULATIONS TO JAMAICA COLLEGE. So, our team did not win the Manning Cup for 2019….It’s just one of those things you write down to experience. Team, your Alumni is still extremely proud of you for what was achieved . Next season there won’t be a hungrier team going after the 2020 Manning Cup. Congrats again JC….we’ll be back!!! Continue reading STATHS DOWN AND OUT


THE BARGAIN OF THE YEAR AMONG STATHS US BASED ALUMNI GROUPS AT ONLY $60 PER PERSON . THERE WILL BE NUMEROUS SPECIAL GUESTS IN ATTENDANCE, INCLUDING THE PRINCIPAL AS OUR SPECIAL SPEAKER. If you are from out of town, those of us who are local would love to help you find suitable accommodation and transportation. So feel free to call any of the telephone numbers listed above. In addition, <staths.com> can be reached at 678-925-8609. We also call Atlanta home. Continue reading ATLANTA ALUMNI CHRISTMAS BANQUET