The world’s oldest couple, Adam and Eve, also owned the world’s first and oldest computer. Care to guess what brand name it carried ? It was not an IBM, not a HP, not a Dell, not a Google Chrome Book either. Ready for this ? It was an APPLE . Adam tried downloading a kilobyte, (or killer bite), not sure how they spelled it back then, there was an enormous flash, and both he and Eve ran out of the garden they were in to save their lives. THAT IS WHY TODAY’S APPLE COMPUTER USES A BITTEN APPLE AS ITS … Continue reading COMPUTER TRIVIA


THE 15th ANNUAL FUND-RAISING BALL SPONSORED BY STATHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION NE CHAPTER IS THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 2019. What do you mean you didn’t plan to attend ? We have needy school students who depend on financial aid from organisations such as this for even their daily bread. If you can’t attend we are going to ask you to consider making a donation of whatever size you can afford. The names and telephone numbers listed on the flyer are not just for ticket sales. Any of these officers will be only too glad to accept your donation and give you … Continue reading COUNTDOWN


On any day in Jamaica, rain or shine , it is estimated that if you had $100 (US) to give to every graduate of STATHS who would show up at the school on any day you announce that there would be such an event, you had better have at least 2 million dollars. Why ? It is estimated from school records that there should be at least 30,000 graduates living in Jamaica. SO JAMAICAN GRADUATES PLEASE SHOW UP THIS COMING WEEKEND AND SHOW THE WORLD THAT YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR SCHOOL. If even 300 folks show up, (1%), we would … Continue reading CALLING ALUMNI IN JAMAICA


Congratulations to our STATHS Alumni in Canada on becoming a certified non-profit organization, (July 2018). In December of 2018, this group donated $500, earmarked for the future solar program. Even before becoming a bonafide non-profit, they donated $350 to the school’s mentorship program in December of 2017 . Not to be forgotten, Norma Edwards, from the class of 1965, for many years without a formal organization, tasked herself with collecting annually, and along with (former headgirl class of ’66), Marjorie Taylor-Bedasse of Expedia Cruiseship Center, organized annual cruises for at least 10 years, donating directly to the school each year. … Continue reading STATHS CANADIANS ARE HOT