Last September, on the 27th to be exact, it was reported on the morning news that many American cities had designated that day to be “Drug Collection Day”, to collect expired drugs as well as other drugs which consumers had no plans to take for whatever reasons, to prevent them from being dumped in toilets and elsewhere. The “elsewhere”, I could understand, but toilets and sewer systems ? The places designated for the most popular four-letter word beginning with an “s” and ending with a “t”, describing the worst of our discards?

Question : If these drugs are deemed to be bad, even toxic for our sewer systems why are humans taking them?

OOOPS!!!!!! We are not supposed to be drug free or sober enough to think and arrive at logical conclusions.

The drug companies are authorized to make and sell them after the FDA approves them. Buy them, so the bureaucrats at the FDA will have cushy jobs, the drug companies will have so much money that they can give a half away to politicians, it really helps the economy……..BUT PLEASE…..don’t take them. Be sober long enough to vote with a clear head in the coming Presidential Election.That would be terrible for both political parties.

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