STATHS  Alumni Association North East Chapter is no novice at putting on successful events and The Third Annual Fish Fry held on June 9th in Queens New York was no exception.

It was a sight to behold as dozens of fish, (who were not even members of any of the STATHS Alumni Associations), voluntarily offered their services for the benefit of St. Andrew Technical High School. So amazing to see them laying down on platters and plates alongside rice, dumplings, festival, colorful seasonings, some were showing their teeth as they grinned from ear to ear.

Not to be left out, several chickens preferred to be “jerked” along with a lone pig.  The only goat in attendance figured he would be most appreciated if he was curried. What a hot item he turned out to be.

“Paparazzi” Williams  “Barmaid” Jennifer Pres. Archie and former Pres Ron
Aleeshia, Mano and Jennifer

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