You can not look at these and not salivate. My mouth is reacting to what my eyes are seeing…….and remembering the taste of SUGAR BUNS . The last time I ate anything like this in Jamaica was in 1983. Yet, there is this sensation coming from under my tongue….so, soo ohhh!!!

St. Andrew Technical High School and its Trade Training Center now have a reorganized baking division that not only teaches students to bake , but now bakes in commercial quantities and quality, to satisfy the needs of its cafeteria .

All the baked products that used to be purchased from commercial vendors are now baked in STATHS own kitchens. The next chapter in this enterprise should be to open a retail outlet on Saturdays . WHY NOT ? The proceeds from such a venture could help to finance some of the much needed repairs which have been deferred for too long, and could even help to finance the education of needy students. This would be applied education.

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