Fifteen Acres
Fifteen Acres     The Oasis in the Desert

STATHS – St. Andrew Technical High School, located in Kingston Jamaica, celebrated its 55th birthday in April of 2016, with quite a bit of fanfare. In contrast, rather quietly, the old girl gave birth to staths.com – a “pickney” born into the world of Public Relations, the father rumoured to be a “Mr. Necessity”.

There have been many spurts and starts over the years at giving our Alma Mater her own online residence. To make a long story short, she had to move out of some of these accommodations because her children failed to make the necessary “mortgage” payments.

So, a group of her older children decided that regardless of whoever else should be housing her, we are going to make sure that she never becomes homeless.

Staths.com is not intended to be in competition with any of the Alumni Organisations, but rather, a general source of news and information catering to the world-wide reach of past and present students, teachers, staff and friends – the extended Staths family.

From now on we should be able to bridge the generation gaps that affect keeping the entire family informed. All it will take is an email to editor@staths.com, or soon a visit to our FB page, or a ‘phone call or text message to 678-925-8609.

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