THE TRUTH IS, we were taught to hate Jamaicans. As a little girl in primary school, our teacher taught us that Barbados was the jewel of the Caribbean. We were taught that any mad/crazy slave, or any slave who could not take instructions, were shipped off to Jamaica. This was the mandate. I supposed in my little head, (or was that taught to me also), of every Caribbean Island . Send the mad and aggressive slaves to Jamaica. Then as time passed and you start to see clearer, meet people and question things, you soon realize that the insurgent slaves … Continue reading TAUGHT TO HATE – JAMAICANS


Jamaica House is fielding bids to repair its fencing. It was decided by the director of maintenance to use contractors who had graduated from some of Jamaica’s technical schools. One from Kingston Tech, one from STETHS and one from STATHS. So, they meet with an official from Jamaica House to examine the fence . The Kingston Tech contractor whips out a tape measure, takes measurements, does some calculations on his clipboard. “Well”, he says, “De job gwine run yuh ’bout $90,000. $40,000 fi material, $40,000 fi mi crew an $10,000 fi cover my expenses”. The St. Elizabeth Tech contractor also … Continue reading STATHS CONTRACTOR GETS JOB

POEM by Willie Nelson – (When he was 75)

“I have outlived my Pecker   My nookie days are over, My pilot light is out. What used to be my sex appeal, Is now my water spout. Time was when, on its own accord, From my trousers it would spring. But now I’ve got a full-time job, To find the f***in’ thing. It used to be embarrassing, the way it would behave. For every single morning, It would stand and watch me shave. Now as old age approaches, it sure gives me the blues. To see it hang its little head…….and watch me tie my shoes.   Whether or … Continue reading POEM by Willie Nelson – (When he was 75)


Last September, on the 27th to be exact, it was reported on the morning news that many American cities had designated that day to be “Drug Collection Day”, to collect expired drugs as well as other drugs which consumers had no plans to take for whatever reasons, to prevent them from being dumped in toilets and elsewhere. The “elsewhere”, I could understand, but toilets and sewer systems ? The places designated for the most popular four-letter word beginning with an “s” and ending with a “t”, describing the worst of our discards? Question : If these drugs are deemed to … Continue reading THINK ABOUT THIS


Join Staths Alumni Association North East Chapter for our first ever FISH-FRY FUNDRAISER Menu items include Fresh Fish – any which way – Roasted, Fried, Escovitched. Hard Dough Bread, Festival, Jerk Chicken, Soup, Rice and Peas, Salads plus Surprise Menu items Refreshing adult drinks, (additional costs) Good Reggae Music       Fabulous Company Come one, come all, The nice weather is finally here, So let’s have a ball. Continue reading FISHY BUSINESS STATHS N E


STATHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION North East Chapter proudly announces its 12th Annual Fund-Raising Ball. N.B. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11 – 12 . Date :  Saturday, October 8th, 2016 Venue :  The Eastwood Manor, 3371 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10469-2704 Music by ROAD INTERNATIONAL with DJ Oxtail Cocktail Hour           Full Course Dinner           Open Bar          Free Valet Parking Gate Prizes and Surprises COST : $90 (Paid in advance) or, $100 at the door GUEST SPEAKER : Mr Lowell Hawthorne, President and CEO of Golden Crust Bakery Meritorious Award Recipient 2016 For more information … Continue reading ANNUAL FUND-RAISING BALL