STATHS Alumni of Canada kicks off the West Indian Independence weekend of celebrations with their first Fish Fry on Friday August 3rd, 2018. Missing from the menu, (sadly), is Brunswick Sardines  –  those oily, delicious bastards that go so well between two slices of hard dough bread, especially when washed down with the Jamaican version of “Lemonade”. I will reveal the secret recipe to all who request it via a letter to the Editor . IF that is not enough, there will be TAKE 2 on Sunday. Continue reading SALUTING STATHS CANADA


SENTIMENTAL, EMOTIONAL, NOSTALGIC…These are the words driving an ardent group of graduates from the class of 1968 who are busily planning their 50th year reunion, to be held September 14 to 16 in Kingston, Jamaica .
The seed for this reunion was planted by Edward Campbell at a meet-up of four past students from the batch of 1968, in Grand Cayman in November of 2017.
Paulette Anderson, who was among those at the meet-up, was immediately sold on the idea, and on her return to the US despite her having an extremely busy and challenging schedule, she wasted no time in setting the ball in motion .
Six months later, with the help of a few other committed batchmates, the reunion has taken shape and what began as a mere suggestion, has morphed into what will be an activity filled weekend.
The event is open to graduates of the class of 1968 ONLY, and their invited guests.
With just six weeks to go, we are bubbling with excitement to connect with our classmates, batchmates and long-lost friends. Commitments to date indicate that this event will be a resounding success. Continue reading CLASS OF ’68 CELEBRATING 50 YEARS


STATHS  Alumni Association North East Chapter is no novice at putting on successful events and The Third Annual Fish Fry held on June 9th in Queens New York was no exception. It was a sight to behold as dozens of fish, (who were not even members of any of the STATHS Alumni Associations), voluntarily offered their services for the benefit of St. Andrew Technical High School. So amazing to see them laying down on platters and plates alongside rice, dumplings, festival, colorful seasonings, some were showing their teeth as they grinned from ear to ear. Not to be left out, … Continue reading FISH DIED – FISH FRIED