STATHS N.E. Alumni Secretary Melanie Forrest-George and President Archie Roberts, “manning” the UJAA table at the 8th Biennial Jamaican Diaspora Conference held in Kingston on June 18th. UJAA, – Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations, is a New York based organisation, formed to represent and amalgamate the various Jamaican schools who have alumni members scattered all over these United States. Continue reading NEWS – POWERED BY ALUMNI


One man’s meat is another man’s poison, ( a popular saying goes). A recent story showcased STATHS’ agricultural program which includes chickens for meat, as well as for eggs. Well, at least one person has a “beef” with that. Oh no !!! Something about that does not sound right. How can one have a “beef” with chickens ? I think it is best if the dissenter speaks/sings for himself . Continue reading UNHEALTHY (?) HUMOR (Video)


High School Honey. This kind that comes in a bottle…..not the other kind that you might remember from your school days. On May 20th, The Star Newspaper featured the school’s agricultural program, (programme for British spellers), headlined – FARMING IN THE CITY, written by reporter Sashana Small. We are reprinting parts of her story for this article. Audley Sanson, head of the agricultural department at the St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS), is convinced that his school has the best agricultural science programme in the country. In fact, he has a five-year plan of making it the best programme in … Continue reading STATHS FEATURED IN THE STAR


STATHS new principal, Dr. Worrel Hibbert assumed his position on Monday April 29th, 2019, moving up the echelon of leadership from St. Peter and Paul Prep. School to a Technical High School. We dare to say that many of his peers might not consider this an upward move, given STATHS’ location and demographics . But we are confident that since he has the guts to take on this challenge, he is already a winner. WELCOME, on behalf of Alumni members. We look forward to many years of achievement under your leadership and you can count on our support. In 20 … Continue reading STATHS NEW PRINCIPAL