Thanks to the Jamaican Alumni Members and friends who put some “labour” back into Labour Day, led by President Sybil Jones.   Can you spot the Vice P supervising picket fence repairs?  Ably assisted by the “sleeping policeman” while weeds are getting whacked. Our thanks also to neighbours  who “pitched” (fork) in.






Roy Rogers Thomas, from the graduating class of 1965, passed away on April 29th, 2018, after suffering a stroke while battling diabetes.  Roy was a member of the Staths Alumni Association NE Chapter.

Born on August 7th, 1947, in Kingston Jamaica,  Roy spent his high school years at STATHS, where outside of academic success, he rose to the rank of Sargent in the Combined Cadet Force, later spending ten years in the Jamaica Defense Force where he ultimately served as a Pilot. Roy also holds   the distinction of being among those who made STATHS a family affair.  His daughter Joan “Pepe” Gaston is a graduate of the class of ’84.

The Memorial Service for Roy will be held on May 19th, at The Living Water Christian Center, 374 Dodd Street, East Orange, New Jersey, USA.

Our condolences to the Thomas Family.

Father and daughter


The raffle winner and her prize .   On May 5th, the UJAA (Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations) raffle winner, Angela Robinson claimed her prize from Westbury Toyota in New York – a 2018 Toyota Camry.  Special congratulations also to Sharon McClure of the Excelsior Alumni Association, who sold the winning $5 ticket.

Take comfort STATHS Nation – we win some and we lose some….we can’t win everything.


Most animals that hibernate during the winter months have no idea what happened during the time they were asleep – recharging their batteries. On the other hand , I was totally aware of all that was happening , I just was not reacting to it……until now.

Principal Rayon Simpson completed a year at his alma mater, then returned to his previous job at Belmont Academy. I bet you want to hear all the juicy details ? Here is the Jamaican version summed up. Some people neva like ‘im, an dem mussi bun bad lamp fi ‘im .On the contrary, many of us especially in the alumni associations think that he made a big difference in just the one year period. Simply put, and humor aside, all the pieces of the jig saw puzzle in the game of life, that would have allowed Mr. Simpson to be at St. Andrew Technical for as long as he liked, did not fit at this time.

For example, Mrs. Simpson is also an active educator working in Westmoreland etc. ( I believe). So you can see that the family was separated for most of the school year…. neither safe nor desirable . She needed to have been reassigned also and this did not happen in a timely manner. So, the family fixed the problem. End of story for now.

To Rayon Simpson…..Your effort bears success.  You are not only a man of word, but action. For a young leader you are innovative, you are a visionary, you motivate and inspire others. You give hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak, a nation builder with a difference. Your awesomeness has no pause, it just goes on and on.

Written by “Angel Flex” and endorsed by STATHS .COM


Big cake for STATHS

St. Andrew Technical High School is celebrating its fifty-seventh birthday during the month of April. Some of the pioneering students and staff are no longer with us, but we will not forget them or those early days. Look out for pictures and messages that we shall be publishing over the next few days.

April 1961 – to April 2018.  Fifty-seven years young. Here is a little secret. Just between you, me and the Oasis in the Desert. Most of the students from 1961 are now “old people”. They are over seventy (70), years old. If you are a present student, here is a word of warning. YOU are going to be surprised how soon you will get there. TIME REALLY FLIES !!!


Sharon Marie Leslie and Carol Lyn Murray .  They used to be little high school girls.

Congrats to Staths Alumni NE Chapter on bringing off another great event. It was world-class, first class, as well as being in a class of its own. Sorry I missed it, (once again, if anyone noticed), but I sent a consolation prize in the person of our assistant editor, who texted that she had a “fun-filled night” .That’s all I got from her so far – probably still recuperating.

Archie Roberts (Pres) Board Chairman Castro Principal Simpson and Anthony Salmon
Grand Prize Winner Paul Ashman with his loot