There are certain habits and fashions we live with and practice that can, and often times affect our overall health . Sometimes, to be fashionable we ignore what should be common sense . Shaving your underarms and applying some types of deodorants, increases your exposure to conditions that can contribute to a slow poisoning of vulnerable human tissue.

As a man, I would rather see hair under your armpits than to know that you had to loose a real breast….or both, because of breast cancer. Shaving with a razor blade exposes that area of your body to the chemical make-up of anything you apply after shaving. Run your own test if you want some proof. Dab a fingertip in a drop of hot pepper sauce on the back of your hand and place another fingertip dab on your freshly shaved underarm and see which dab gets your immediate attention. If you think you must shave use an electric razor which can be adjusted to remove hair only and no skin. Here is a video that presents actual findings.

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