There will be fewer Christmas gifts this year. Some folks may already have noticed this. Mrs. Claus informed a few people in her inner circle that Mr. Claus, “Santa”, took the late decision to delay or totally cancel his usual trip, as many of his elves came down with the covid-19 virus . He is even concerned for his own safety. (A grammar-correction program is prompting me to capitalize the “C” in that five letter word preceding -19, but I sure as hell won’t. That’s how much I hate that bastardly word ). So, he is going to put most gifts in the regular, (irregular) mail. His additional excuse is that this Christmas is the coldest on record over the past seven years.

Does that look like “cold” to you ? He was caught on security footage on an unnamed beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

Anyhow, Christmas may not be happy or merry for most of us but it is BLESSED if you and your loved ones have managed to avoid an encounter with “C”. Best wishes to all and may 2021 allow us to catch up on all the things we had to put off or do without in 2020.

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